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It is here!!    The One Waiter App that fits all Restaurants

Obron Restaurant Waiter App

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Restaurant Registration

The One-App fit all Restaurants regardless of menu or setup.

The One Dining App that fits all Restaurant Experiences regardless of Menu

Requires Restaurant registration. Click below to register.

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....More Benefits to Restaurants

  • ONLY one App works for all and any restaurant system.
  •     - No need to download 10 Apps for 10 restaurants.
  • Work at Fast Food, Drive Thru’s and Coffee house alike.
  • Convenient, secured and easy to use.
  • Provides Web interface for restaurant to upload or update menu.
  • Reduces wait times for customers.
  •     - 51% of customers complain about long wait times*
  • Assured “up-sells” or “add-ons” offered.
  •     - “Would you like a soup or salad?”
  •      - “Would you like to add cheese or bacon?”
  • More accurate guest orders.
  •     - 62% of customers complain about incorrect orders*
  •     - 48% of customers complain about inaccurate calculations on checks by server*
  • Servers can focus more on guest refills and clearing empty plates from tables.
  •     - 27% of customers complain their waters are not refilled until asked*.

Benefits to Restaurants

  • Substantial savings on labor costs.
  • Substantial savings on operating costs.
  • Restaurant and third-party advertising.
  • Revenue share on third-party advertisement.
  • Dynamic Dining Menu Display.
  • Seamless Food and Drinks menu.
  • Seamless Extras and Add-ons menu.
  • Order sent directly to Kitchen or Bar.
  • Seamless wireless interface with existing POS system
  • Does not interfere with existing POS or system. 
  • Text notify customer when order is ready.
  • Paperless transaction receipt - Emails transaction receipt to customers.
  • Obron Waiter App locates restaurant in vicinity.
  • Allows restaurant menu viewing in vicinity.
  • Activates Happy Hour menu at designated time(s), and return to regular menu after happy hours.
  • Each transaction processed through Payment Gateway.
  • No monthly fees to restaurant.

In a hurry?

Not enough time for lunch?

Want to order at your own  pace?

Want to check out dining menu or your dining history? 


Don't wait in line for your food or drinks.


Don't wait for a Waiter to take your order.


Don't yell at 'Drive-Thru' machines to take your order.


Don't wait to get your check and, definitely don't wait to get your card back.


Place your order and it goes to the kitchen or Bar.

Don't download 20 apps


for 20 dining









Obron Restaurant Waiter App makes ordering your food and drinks easy, convenient and on your terms without the need of a waiter.






Obron Restaurant Waiter App works at any restaurant big or small, and knows where you sit so that your food and drinks are delivered in style.






Obron Restaurant Waiter App also works in Fast food Drive-Thru Restaurants as well as Coffee houses.






Obron Waiter App lets you decide tips, split bill, pay your check with ease, and email you receipt in a breeze.

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Use Obron Restaurant Waiter App to discover the future of dining.


Restaurant Operators/Owners: Employ Obron Restaurant Waiter App ("Owaiter") at your restaurant and shift your Labor and Operating costs to your customers' mobile device at no cost.



"A Win-Win Strategy". It's that simple !!!



Tell your friends and family. Download Obron Restaurant Waiter App to your mobile phones, iPod, iPad or Tablet.

"Owaiter" is your dining concierge. Obron Restaurant Waiter is the best waiter app for your dining experience.

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